剑桥卓越学子——Yashvi Shah:“成长心态可以给予你动力,使你获得更高的成就。”

剑桥卓越学子——Yashvi Shah

今年,在中国香港地区,有来自17所学校的60名学生获得了剑桥卓越学子奖。其中,共4人次获得了剑桥世界顶尖奖, 30人次获得了剑桥香港顶尖奖,34人次获得了剑桥出色成绩奖, 2人次获得了剑桥综合科目最优奖。

来自YMCA of Hong Kong Christian College的Yashvi Shah同学作为获奖学生代表,在剑桥卓越学子颁奖典礼香港站发言。她获得了2018剑桥卓越学子出色成绩奖(生物)和综合科目最优奖。

“Good morning fellow Cambridge Learners, teachers and parents. My name is Yashvi Shah and I am a graduate from YMCA of Hong Kong Christian College. I am very grateful to be given this opportunity to speak at such a prestigious event. And for that, I would firstly like to thank my parents for supporting me throughout my high school life and beyond; my teachers for patiently helping me with my endless questions and queries, and lastly, my friends, for providing me with an amazing learning environment.”

尊敬的各位老师、各位家长、各位朋友、亲爱的剑桥学子们,大家早上好!我叫Yashvi Shah,毕业于港青基信书院。非常感恩能有这样一次机会在如此重大的场合发言。为此,我要首先感谢我的父母,是他们在我整个高中生涯及其他方面给予了我支持和鼓励。我还要感谢我的老师们,我的疑难问题总是特别多,但他们却总是耐心地给我解答。还有我的朋友们,他们则给予了我一个非常好的学习环境。

成长型心态 | Growth Mindset

Now, I was asked to talk about how to be an excellent Cambridge Learner, but I believe there are no “guidelines” or “rule books” on how to be an excellent Learner. It is about how you took advantage of what you had and made the most of it to reach where you are today. There are many, many students with great potential, yet they are not sitting where you are right now. I would like you to take a moment and reflect back on how you reached this point in your life. What were the decisions you made that led you here? What sacrifices did you have to make?

有人希望我谈谈如何才能成为一名优秀的学习者,但我认为,这之间并没有什么固定的规则或指南。要达到今天的成就,总规就是如何利用手头所有的,尽最大可能发挥出来。很多学习者潜力都非常大,但却并没有成为你们中的一员。我想你们可以花点时间想想,自己是如何走到今天的? 当初你做了什么决定,使你今天能在这里? 为此你都付出了什么?

In all my years of secondary education, if I had to pick the most important advice from the pool of many (and trust me, there were a lot, some good, some not so good, but if I had to choose one…), it would be to have a growth mindset (coined by Dr. Carol Dweck). This was our school’s mantra. In the beginning, it didn’t make much sense to me. What was the point of thinking that way? Where was the evidence, proof, results of that mindset? 

在我整个中学学习阶段,我身边有许许多多的建议,真的,特别多。有些建议很不错,有些则不太好,如果硬要我从中挑出最重要的一条,那就是要有一种成长型心态。这个词是卡罗尔·徳韦克 (Carol Dweck) 博士创立的,是我们学校的校训。一开始,我觉得这并没什么用,这种思维方式有什么益处?有什么证据能证明这种心态管用吗?这种心态又能导向何种结果呢?又能给我加添什么呢?

I was able to believe that it is possible for me to do well if I just put in a little more effort.


We often limit ourselves in our mind, often underestimate what we can achieve and this is what barricades so many other students from reaching their full potential. I used to dread going to my Physics classes because nothing used to make sense. And because I was falling behind and didn’t understand what was going on, I never tried to make an effort in improving. I just didn’t have the motivation to push myself to do better. But by adopting a growth mindset, I was able to believe that it is possible for me to do well if I just put in a little more effort (also with the fact that I needed to get those A*s). I learned to be more analytical with the material I was given instead of just memorizing, I spent a little more time on making sure I understood it, past papers were my go-to. When things finally began to make more sense, I felt the drive to keep on obtaining more information, I was engaged and invested in what I was learning, which paid off quite a bit in the end. All this was because I believed in and pushed myself and my ability to go beyond the confines of my mind. A growth mindset is what drives motivation and achievement. Instead of saying ‘I can’t do it’, we should really be saying ‘I will try to do it’. You will never know whether you can or can’t unless you attempt it.


There is no “right” or “wrong” way, it is just your way and my way. 


Do you remember how I asked to reflect back on your choices and decisions that led you here? That was your pathway here and I just shared a little bit of mine. What I’m trying to say is that there are many different ways to get where we are now. There is no “right” or “wrong” way, it is just your way and my way. We have had different experiences and different ways to get somewhere, but what we have in common is the fact that we never limited ourselves by saying we couldn’t do it.


Once the mind is determined to do something, the actions towards that goal are easy to follow through.


There is something else I would like to share. The other day in one of my lectures, a professor of mine pointed out something very meaningful to me. He said that “If you want to change your behavior, you have to change your way of thinking first. Once you convince yourself in your mind that you want to do something, that is already the most momentous change you can make in order to achieve the goal that you want to achieve.” And I think this is a very important message to keep with us throughout our life. Once the mind is determined to do something, the actions towards that goal are easy to follow through.


I would like to end with a quote by Mr. Theodore Roosevelt, “Believe you can and you are halfway there.” Thank you.

最后,我想引用西奥多·罗斯福 (Theodore Roosevelt) 先生的一句话来结束我今天的演讲:“相信自己能成功,你就已经成功了一半”。谢谢大家。




● 剑桥国际考试委员会是为5到19岁青少年提供国际课程的全球最大教育机构,隶属于剑桥考试院(Cambridge Assessment),也是举世闻名的剑桥大学的重要组成部分。


● 剑桥考试院至今(2018)为止,已有160年的历史,而今年,也是英国剑桥大学诞生808周年。



● 剑桥国际考试委员会是为5到19岁青少年提供国际课程的全球最大教育机构,隶属于剑桥考试院(Cambridge Assessment),也是举世闻名的剑桥大学的重要组成部分。


● 剑桥考试院至今(2018)为止,已有160年的历史,而今年,也是英国剑桥大学诞生808周年。